David Salazar
please visit  www.davidsalazar.ca


David Constantino Salazar is a Toronto based sculptor who holds a Master in Fine Arts degree from OCAD University.

In his work he is interested in exploring the borders between necessity and excess, desires and addiction. Salazar's goal is to create work that is approachable through humour with the intent that the viewer can explor their own relationships with desire and overindulgence through his allegorical sculptures. 

He has exhibited his work in Canada and abroad.  His public commissions include 2012 Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 2015 Spadina Museum, Nuit Blanche, Toronto (Canada) and was recently commissioned by First Capital Realty Inc. in 2015 for two permanent public art sculptures in Georgetown, (Canada).
Please feel free to contact David directly regarding private commissions, sales or studio related inquiries.
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